The Single Friend

When did it happen? There was no 2 minute warning. No 15 minute snooze. You woke up one day and it hit you like a ton of bricks. You’re not the funny friend who makes everyone laugh, the outgoing friend who never turns down a dare, the one your girlfriends call for aa non-fat latte, or the one freind who people love to grab beers with. Nope, you are now the single friend. And sure, you’ll have some people who will say, “there is nothing wrong with being single.” And, they’re right, until there is.

Let’s be real here folks, when you’re the friend who isn’t in a relationship, cozying up with someone next to the fire during winter, or attending multiple Thanksgiving dinners to please both families, you have a disease. You have singleitis, and everyone is quickly trying to get you better. You’re invited to more game nights with Dave or Lisa who just happen to be single and around your age. Or you go out for coffee and all of sudden John or Jane shows up and they just so happen to like Mahler’s 5th. Or the blind dates that everyone sets you up on and not only was it a total bust you couldve spent your money on something you really like to do with someone you actually like. You go out so much after a while you’re tired of it all and just become a homebody, but you can’t afford to stay home, you’re single remember. You can’t meet anyone at home…well maybe with a click of a button; lets not get started on that.You don’t get invited out to certain events, you can’t relate to certain conversations, and everyone and their mothers are getting married. LIKE EVERYDAY!

Well single friends there is hope. While you’re “sick” work on yourself. Read more, workout more, travel more, self-discover more, cook more, learn more, do more and be more. Your time will come. Start to embrace your singleness for all it’s worth. You don’t have to wait by the phone, you don’t have to do the daily check in for check in sakes, you don’t have to share your food or go to that concert that you’re only going because your significant other asked you to. Most importantly, for my frugal friends, you just saved so much money on Valentines Day its crazy. If you really wanted that life size bear go to any store on Feb 15th and get it for half the price. Feb 15th is like the single black Friday, treat yo self. Embrace the single life for what it’s worth, cause when you get yourself right, more people will want to get right with you cause lets face it. It’s okay to be single, until it isn’t.

And to the ones in relationships, we’re not sick, we’re just single.



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