A Damn Good Reason

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Cue confetti, cue music, cue the kisses, and my favorite, cue that determination to change that I didn’t have but now that it’s a new year I have it in abundance.  What is it about the transition from December 31st to January 1st that makes us so pumped to get things done? Who knows but it’s a great feeling, and it’s just that, a feeling. Like the fickle crowd during the Super Bowl, the model on the runway, or the preyed upon chameleon, feelings change. So naturally that new year resolution will change from, I’m gonna be vegetarian to I’ll just try it out for 6 months, to a little fish never hurt anybody and by the time it’s December again you’re half way through a New York strip wondering where it all went to hell.


The question you gotta ask yourself is this, was I really motivated? It’s easy to set a goal but it’s a different thing to realize it. The clock hitting zero isn’t enough, what you need is a reason. Not just a reason, a damn good reason. Why? Cause when it’s February and you made the decision to join the most expensive gym in town and that last set is kicking you a new one, it’s your damn good reason that’s gonna get you through. If you just have a good reason, you’ll more than likely stop going, or go occasionally but that membership fee is leaving your account every month.

You’re damn good reason has to be YOUR decision made from a point of positivity and not from an external source. If you want to quit drinking because YOU were tired of the headaches and the added weight, GREAT. If you want to quit drinking because your partner is calling you fat and useless, no. When it gets hard you’re gonna resent your partner, begin thinking that the headaches weren’t too bad, and that buying bigger clothes will help. You never made the decision for yourself so you’ll start say things like, at least I made the effort right? Yea tell that to your liver.

Enough scolding here’s what we’re gonna do.

  1. Pick 3 things we want to change
  2. Pick 3 good damn good reasons for that change
  3. Get it done.

When it gets difficult you have to remember number 2. Change doesn’t have to be some 130 page book of self-help. It’s about how bad you want it and get it done. Not everyone is self motivated, but not everyone has a damn good reason to be. Now that you do, let’s get to work.